Wall Mounted Hose Reel SRWM-180 Action 1Watering your garden will now be hassle-free all thanks to the well-mounted hose reel which is convenient and easy to use. A hose pipe reel is a cylindrical spindle that accommodates the hose pipe up to 100 ft.  With a valve that can shoot a stream of pressurised water up to 30m long

Basic use

Hose reels are found in buildings as fire fighting agents with a connection to the water supply and positioned near fire exits so that occupants can get to a safe distance while combating fire. When stowing a fire hose reel, it is vital first to attach the nozzle end to the hose reel valve then opening the nozzle to relieve built-up pressure. Wall mounted hose reels are easy to deploy since you only need to drag it with you to where the fire is.

In gardening, it can be an effective watering tool especially when connected to sprinklers.

Due to the highly pressurised water outflow, the sprinklers shoot jets of water rotating at considerable speeds.


Characteristic features

Its structure and design are unique for both maintenance, durability and ease of use.

  • It has a long central cylinder which accommodates long hose pipes of up to 100 ft. Long and with a pulley-like mechanism, unwinding becomes sensationally easy and done effectively at any angle.
  • Its silvery coating serves as a good rust-hindrance, and the heavy steel that is the building material of the reel serves as a durability aid and guarantees the reel will never go out of shape.

The well mounted hose reel is normally situated outdoors for a home setting or inside a fire exit for buildings.  The ingeniously structured reel is subjected to little maintenance.

Make Use of the Wall Mounted Hose Reel

Simply oil the movable spindle and clean constantly and you’ll be surprised with the longevity of it.

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