sprinklerEveryone wants a garden that will grow unfettered and un-inhabited by unwelcome intruders like weeds and even animals.  We all want to be “in-the-know,” when it comes to understanding what to look for and how to protect our gardens against the assault from various pests and problems.  All it takes is a little knowledge and common-sense solutions, easily applied, to keep our gardens clear of common garden pests and problems.

Commonly Problematic Animals and Plants…

Common household pets can wreak havoc on your garden in different ways.  For the most part, domestic pets like cats do little to harm your garden, however, their attraction to bare soil can damage seed beds and seedlings.  It is not uncommon for a cat to take your garden for his bathroom and use it as such.  An easy DIY defense against the assault from cats is mothballs spread throughout your garden beds.  Cats hate the smell of mothballs.  You must be vigilant with mothballs and replace them often because they lose their scent rather quickly outdoors.

Dogs present similar problems.  In addition to the obvious digging, chewing and run paths, dog urine is strong enough to eat through tree bark, reducing a tree’s defenses.  The urine can also leave brown spots on the lawn.  Unlike cats, odor deterrents are less effective on dogs.  Instead, the use of hot and bitter tasting repellents can be effective to some degree.pest

Everyone dreads weeds.  They seem to be an inevitable part of the gardening process.  It helps to determine the type of weed you’re dealing with, annual or perennial, and use herbicides that treat either of those types of weeds.  Either post or pre-emergent herbicides effectively get rid of most weeds.  

Common garden pests and problems become manageable when we become armed with a little bit of knowledge and effective solutions.