Free Standing Hose Hanger HC-2 960Gardening is undeniably a fulfilling endeavor for those who commit to it. Save for the patience and dedication it takes to see your produce come to fruition; it is largely an enjoyable activity. One of the main issues with small-scale gardening is watering the gardening area. The most practical method for watering your garden is via hoses.

Hose choice could either by a vinyl hose or a rubber hose. By design, a rubber hose has more maneuverability and is more durable against weather elements. However, with this kind of hose, you end up dragging it around the garden. The free-standing hose hanger with faucet seeks to centralize the watering point.

Product Description

The principle behind the hose hanger is simple. By establishing a point from which you can water your garden, you reduce disruption on the garden ground. You do not have to keep fastening hose ends from the house and dragging the hose all over the garden.

The patented design of the free-standing hose hanger with faucet allows you to have the convenience of storage for your hose and provides you with more accessibility. A steel frame and double bracing guarantee the durability of both your hose and hose hanger.

Main strong points

  • Stable and durable steel material
  • Leaves the garden landscape undisturbed
  • Double bracing
  • Centralized hose and faucet locationsFree Standing Hose Hanger w-Faucet HCF-3 Action 960

How to install

  1. Dig a hole. The hose hanger is 30 inches high, so the hole should have an appropriate depth. 8 inches is just perfect.
  2. Position the hose hanger in the hole and make sure it is stable.
  3. Use quick setting concrete for extra support. Let it harden.
  4. According to the layout of your water supply, you can plumb the faucet directly to the house piping or attach the water supply to the bib.
  5. Confirm the installation worked.

Free Standing Hose Hanger with Faucet

Maximize your gardening time and skills through the free standing hose hanger with faucet.

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