rotarycultivatorinactionWhen it is time to till the ground for planting, a rotary cultivator can be a gardener’s best friend. The cultivator simplifies a strenuous job, making the whole process go more smoothly and more quickly. With the hard labor out of the way, you can move on to the more enjoyable duties of planting and creating your ideal garden.

The rotary cultivator is a favorite for several reasons:

  • Loosens and cultivates soil at the same time.
  • Chops up weeds and their roots to prevent regrowth.
  • Has an adjustable handle for convenience, reaching from 34 inches to 54 inches.
  • Features removable blades for customized cultivating.
  • Features durable steel construction for longevity and durability.

Rotary cultivators have multiple purposes in a garden, both before the garden is planted and after. It is a practical tool in starting and maintaining a healthy garden.

Cultivate Before Planting Your Garden

Using your rotary cultivator, till the seedbed and smooth the top few layers of soil to create and even seedbed before planting. This will increase the chances of germination for crops containing carrots and other fine-seeded plants.

Cultivate Annual Beds

When tackling the problem of recurring weeds in an annual garden, use the rotary cultivator to till around the plant beds to control the weed population. If you wait until a summer morning, when the day will be sunny, the sun will help dry out the weed roots to increase your chances of success.compost

Cultivate Your Lawn

A rotary cultivator is the perfect tool for reworking and reseeding patches of a dying lawn. To revitalize bare and dying patches, cultivate the specific sections and replant your grass seed. The cultivator will quickly cut through thick, dead networks of grass root to provide you with tilled soil to start fresh with.

The Multi-Use Tool

This versatile tool has several uses for a variety of garden types in a variety of regions. It works well in most any climate and soil type.

Rotary Cultivator

Try to use this tool and it will surely change how you do gardening.

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