irrigationBefore planning to add a new flower/vegetable  garden to glamorize your compound  there are key prior activities which will  save you time and money that you’ll spend in weeding ad managing your garden .This include eliminating weeds and well preparation of soil.

Tools and Materials

You’ll need specific tools and materials when preparing your garden. Below are some of the most essential ones.

  • String
  • wooden stakes
  • Mattock/hoe
  • Garden rake
  • Spade
  • Glyphosate herbicide
  • Soil testing kit
  • Soil amendments
  • Garden fork

garden plot

Steps to Prepare a Garden Plot

1. Choosing  the spot – a site that receives direct sun light for about 6 hours daily , with level  terrain and well-drained soils is the best for a new garden plot .

2. Marking boundaries – use string plus stakes or create a line of powdered limestone to mark the new garden plot.

3. Eliminating   competitors – remove the outer cover of the ground  and cut the soil by using a spade into small manageable pieces. Apply glyphosphate herbicide to kill the weeds or remove them using the rake.Let the covering sit for a couple of weeks under hot weather.

4. Testing  the soil- call the lab for collection kit  and instruction on how to collect the sample. Collect a sample of garden soil and take it to the soil-testing lab for pH and nutrient analysis. From the results you will get recommendation on how to improve the soil in your garden.

5. Adding amendments – Add ground limestone /sulfur to adjust pH as recommended. You can also improve soil fertility by adding compost manure into the new garden plot.

6. Turning  the soil- wait for the soil to dry then work on it when it can crumble easily and not when it is soggy or wet. Remove any  remaining rocks and roots at this lat point.

New garden preparation is much easier than you think. Make sure that you have all the tools on hand before you embark on the exercise. Prior preparation, suitable site selection, thorough preparation, professional soil testing is the key to creating a productive and admirable  new garden.