Manual Lawn Coring Aerator D6-C Action 1Are you looking for a handy tool that can bring life to your old lawn ? Look no more. The Lawn Coring Aerator is designed to help you reduce soil compaction and improve water infiltration. This tool removes two 3 ½ inch cores , allowing effective penetration of rain water deep into the lowest zone of the soil that the roots of the grass can reach. You will never have to worry about erosion of pesticides or fertilizers. The lawn coring aerator creates a new and admirable lawn and ensures fertilizers and pesticides are utilized effectively.

This handy tool is ideal for golf courses and baseball field where lawns need proper aeration. Crafted from heavy duty steel, lawn coring aerator will guarantee you years of service possibly for a lifetime!


  • Effectively break compacted soil layers
  • Reduces surface runoff and allows better absorption of fertilizers
  • Encourages vigorous root growth and promotes drought tolerance
  • Improves appearance of lawn by minimizing pest attack
  • Improves crop output
  • Made from tough and stainless steel
  • Significantly reduces soil compaction and aeration allowing air, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots

How to Reduce Soil Compaction

Excessive soil compaction can reduce crop yield and trigger soil erosion as well as water run off. The more the soil seals the harder it gets meaning water cannot penetrate through it. As water accumulates on the surface, it moves downslope carrying away with it vital nutrients and pesticides. To curb soil compaction, it’s advisable that you use tractors with wider tires and maintain minimum inflation pressure on tires.

You can also prevent compaction by carrying our fewer operations so as to minimize passes on the field. Varying depth of tillage each year will also prevent formation of plow pan. Where there is severe compaction, it’s recommended that you use a subsoiler to loosen the soil.  compost

Make Use of the Lawn Coring Aerator

You might want to get and use a penetrometer if you want to measure the level of compaction and a lawn coring aerator to break soil as to improve infiltration.

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