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Rocket Weeder Advantages:

  • Great for eliminating the biggest, toughest weeds
  • Rocking action grabs the weed and gets the whole root
  • Easy ejector handle pops the weed off the tool – keeps your hands clean
  • Ergonomic handle provides maximum pulling action and is easy on your back
  • Rocket Weeder
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Weeders and weeding tools available up until now involved:

  • Crawling on the ground
  • Getting your hands and clothes dirty
  • Damaging nearby valuable plants
  • Risking knee and back injuries
  • Not getting the root so the weed grows right back

What was needed was easy, fast, totally-organic weed control.

Weeders, hoes and trowels are primitive tools that have been around for thousands of years. Few people had put serious thought into a better method of weed control.

So the engineers at Yard Butler decided to tackle the problem.

They went all the way back to a 19th Century weed puller design and turned it into a modern break-through. They started with the basic idea of a foot plunger and jaws and added an ergonomic handle and a weed ejector handle so your hands never need to get dirty.

Now weeding is a simple stand-up job. You just position the Rocket Weeder’s jaws over the center of the weed and step on the foot pedal. The jaws grab the root under the ground.

Then use the ergonomic handle to rock The Rocket Weeder back toward you. The most stubborn weed slips effortlessly out of the ground. Press the ejector handle and the weed falls harmlessly where you want it.

In a matter of seconds the job is done. Your hands are clean and you haven’t disturbed nearby plants.

Suddenly, pulling weeds is actually fun and satisfying!

The design of the Rocket Weeder multiplies your strength by many times eliminating strain and preventing back and knee injuries.

Anyone can tackle the biggest, nastiest weeds and never get their hands dirty.

No wonder the Rocket Weeder is one of our most popular tools.

How many more weeds do you want to pull using old-fashioned, out-dated tools?

In a few days you’ll be enjoying the easiest weeding experience you’ve ever known.


Item Number:
37 inches
Item Dimension Width:
6.13 inches
7 inches
Item Weight lbs:

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Satisfaction Guarantee
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Quality Guarantee
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Yard Butler guarantees all Yard Butler tools for life against any defects in manufacturing or materials. (In some cases, such as the Hose Reels and Swivel Reels, we have a more specific limited warranty, found by clicking here.) Follow the instructions on the FAQ page for returning a defective tool and we will either repair it or ship you a new tool at no charge.

Yard Butler cannot replace tools that

  • were abused or used in a manner inconsistent with their intended purpose
  • have worn out from normal use

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