Green Weeder

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We reduced the environmental impact of this Yard Butler Earth Friendly Weeder through technology, efficiency and good old common sense.

More ergonomically comfortable, the unique design uses less material and resources while maintaining our highest quality standards.

This human powered tool emits no greenhouse gasses, reduces the need for chemicals, and saves you money. Thank you for your choice of Yard Butler's Earth Friendly Weeder.

  • Eliminates the biggest, toughest weeds without chemicals and without bending over
  • Rocking action pinches the weed and gets the whole root
  • Easy foot ejector pops the weed off the tool - keeps your hands clean
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The Ease of Weeding

Weeds come in all shapes and size. The unique gripping action of the Green Line Weeder pulls out even the biggest toughest weeds, root and all without damaging the surrounding turf or ground cover. It actually grabs the weed without breaking off the roots, while the ergonomic handle does most of the work by simply rotating the weed and root up out of the ground. The foot ejector deposits the weed where you want it and keeps your hands clean. Weeding has never been easier or more satisfying.

Green Weeder Advantages:

  • Great for eliminating the biggest, toughest weeds
  • Rocking action grabs the weed and gets the whole root
  • Eliminates the weeds without chemicals
  • Easy foot ejector pops the weed off the tool – keeps your hands clean
  • Ergonomic handle provides maximum pulling action and is easy on your back
Operating Instructions

  1. With the foot pedal pointing toward you, position the bottom forks directly over the center of the weed.
  2. Step down on the foot pedal to drive the forks into the ground around the weed.
  3. Keeping the pedal on the ground, rotate the handle back towards you. The forks will pinch the weed at the root level and gently remove the weed, roots and all.
  4. Press the foot ejector to sweep the weed off the forks.


Item Number:
37 inches
Item Dimension Width:
7 inches
2 inches
Item Weight lbs:
Material :

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Quality Guarantee
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Yard Butler guarantees all Yard Butler tools for life against any defects in manufacturing or materials. (In some cases, such as the Hose Reels and Swivel Reels, we have a more specific limited warranty, found by clicking here.) Follow the instructions on the FAQ page for returning a defective tool and we will either repair it or ship you a new tool at no charge.

Yard Butler cannot replace tools that

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  • have worn out from normal use

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