Weeder G-WEED 960
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Eliminates the biggest, toughest weeds without chemicals and without bending over.

Product Description

Our Green Weeder eliminates the biggest, toughest weeds without chemicals and without bending over. Yard Butler is your place for garden tools.

Removes the toughest weeds! The unique gripping action of the Yard Butler Weeder obliterates gargantuan weeds while preserving the surrounding turf or ground cover. It grabs the weed roots and all, while the ergonomic handle levers the weed and root up out of the ground. The foot ejector deposits the weed wherever you want it and keeps your hands clean. The heavy duty powder coated steel is guaranteed to last a lifetime.


  • Gets the toughest weeds, roots and all without chemicals
  • The foot ejector keeps your hands clean
  • Long ergonomic handle maximizes leverage and is easy on your back
  • Steel; 37 inches tall, 7 inches wide, weighs 3 lbs

Operating Instructions

  • With the foot pedal pointing toward you, position the bottom forks directly over the center of the weed.
  • Step down on the foot pedal to drive the forks into the ground around the weed.
  • Keeping the pedal on the ground, rotate the handle back towards you. The forks will pinch the weed at the root level and gently remove the weed, roots and all.
  • Press the foot ejector to sweep the weed off the forks.

Additional Information

Weight 21.80 lbs
Dimensions 37 x 7 x 2 in


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