Always Useful Garden Augers

March 23, 2010

Always Useful Garden Augers

Like most people you are probably aware that there are drills that are used for making holes in wood or metal, but you may not know anything about dirt drills. The garden auger is a very handy tool that is used by gardeners to create the perfect planting hole for their plants.

Garden augers make quick work of jobs that would otherwise take a long time and a lot of effort. They are available in many different sizes and can be used for a variety of jobs. A garden auger can be used to drill a hole in the dirt for seeds, flower bulbs, bedding plants or trees.

Garden augers are available in many sizes so it is possible to use the right tool for the task at hand. Most gardeners are content with the smaller garden augers that are attached to an ordinary variable speed drill. The largest auger will likely need a very strong rotation force from something like a tractor shaft. No matter what size auger is needed, it will require some sort of power source in order for it to work.

Most of the garden augers are not designed to bore holes in dry, compacted, or rocky soil, but when used on previously cultivated soil they work wonders. Garden augers are welcome addition to any gardeners’ tool kit since they speed up a wide variety of tasks.

If you have a major planting job that requires holes up to several feet in depth and 18 inches in diameter you may need one of the biggest augers that are available. These heavy duty augers require heavy duty motors and are lifesavers when a big planting job lies ahead.

By using a garden auger you can quickly plant your flower bulbs, seedlings and bedding plants. The auger is used to create the prefect hole to drop in your plantings. The most common garden augers range is sized from just under two inches up to about three inches. These augers are ideal for just about any job the average gardener is faced with.

Boring holes for planting isn’t the only thing that garden augers are good for though. They work perfectly for removing weeds by the root. The auger even works on weeds with extremely deep roots that are impossible to remove with other tools.

The auger can also be used to drill small but deep holes around plants that require deep watering, aeration and fertilizing. Many bushes and trees, especially older ones require this extra care and the garden auger makes this task a snap. By drilling these holes as needed the tree will receive much needed nutrients, air and water, giving older plants a new lease on life.

The longest garden auger is a very useful tool that is used for running PVC piping for irrigation or electrical wire under sidewalks. Anytime you need to quickly and easily drill a hole in the ground, a garden auger is the right tool to reach for, saving you tons of time and effort.

My experience has taught me that it is best to buy tools from a well known manufacturer. I’ve always had great results with tools manufactured by the Yard Butler of San Diego, California. This manufacturer uses the highest quality steel when making their garden augers and if well cared for will last for many years. Yard Butler is a well known manufacturer of specialty gardening tools and his been in business for over fifty years.

I have noticed that many of the garden augers that are on the shelves of the big box home improvement stores are very poorly made in China and the inferior metal will often bend and break with the first use. Save your time and money and purchase a well made garden auger from a trusted name. It will save you money in the long run as well as easing the heavy work in the garden.

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